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Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Wonderful. How much did the meal cost?

noma might maybe be the best restaurant anywhere...

I don't even know where to begin . . . !

I'm seriously in awe! How wonderful to have been able to experience not only the gorgeous visual presentations and what must have been extraordinary flavors, but to also see how it's accomplished! And contrary to what one might think, the aura is only enhance by the glimpse behind the scenes. I was struck by the whimsy shown in the plating - the artistry is undeniable but it's not at all intimidating or too highbrow.

I will have to re-read and re-look at this entire post to absorb it all! What a pleasure to be able to share this bit of your Copenhagen adventure. 8-)

WOW. everything looks DIVINE. My friends went a little while back and because she doesn't drink, she had the juice pairing instead, how CUTE is that??

Anyway, lovely write up and how cute is the snowman :D

msmarmitelover - The meal cost me 1800 Danish Kroner, which is about 320 USD. This included the juice tasting. Those who got the wine pairing, instead of juice, paid a bit more at 2000 Danish Kroner. Copenhagen is an expensive town, and I would say Noma might be the best value for money.

Noma has been on my go to list for sometime. Your meal and the descriptions look amazing. Are you going to recreate any of the dishes and post to your blog? Please, pretty please? I am so happy you got to experience this meal, for someone with your culinary training it must have been a treat to watch the experts in action.

Do you have the Noma cookbook? I cannot find it here, and would love to get my hands on a copy.

I missed by a hairs breath attending the Noma/Manressa dinner and am still kicking myself - business trip be damned. My friend still raves about the experience. Her eyes glaze over and her voice sounds like its coming from another room. Crzy.


OysterCulture - No, I don't have the Noma cookbook. I think Redzepi's first Noma book is extremely hard to find, and not sure if an English version exists. A new one is coming out, and I will find out when for sure and let you know. I did pick up a copy of Claus Meyer's new baking book though and have already tried a few recipes. The copy I got is not in English so I'm having to learn a bit of Danish!

Wow, what a great experience. Copenhagen is one of those places that I realy want to visit. The food looks amazing. I love how every time I look at your blog you've gone somewhere exciting.

That place looks gorgeous on the inside. What a great meal. I love the presentation of the quail eggs and that Øllebrød sounds so interesting. I've not heard of or had it before, but I'm intrigued. Thanks for all the beautiful photos! I never tire of the scenery in the areas you explore.

Oh wow.. what an experience!

I'll have to try it when next I go there - the food looks stunning. Last time I was there, my friend too me to a fab restaurant which is located on the site of an old hospital/mental institution and the brunch was great!

The first cookbook has become somewhat of a collector's item as only a limited number of copies were ever printed.
The second book, published by Phaidon, is coming out after this summer and there will not be any similar restrictions.

Food Snob - Thanks for the info. Can't wait to get my hands on a copy! Love your great reviews and pics.

OysterCulture - Please see Food Snob's comment above for info about the new Noma cookbook.

Seen, now more intrigued than ever to get my hands on a copy - ah, the thrill of the hunt =)

OysterCulture - You'll have to start trolling ebay! If I come across a copy I will let you know.

Copenhagen is one of my favourite cities and I think that a visit there plus a meal at Noma would be an utterly sublime way to spend a few days. I'll put it on my wish list!

Daily Spud - I was pleasantly impressed with Copenhagen and think it deserves a repeat visit. Though I will wait for summer - heard its even more awesome then!

Noma is amazing, just to let you know the first Noma cook book is in English, I am selling a copy of it on ebay (8415 charlie)in case you or any of your readers are interetes. Regards Charlie

Charlie Lockley - Thanks for the info, I'm sure someone will snatch it up!

Update on the newest Noma cookbook - it will be available in the United Kingdom on Sept 30, 2010 and in the United States a few days later on Oct 6, 2010. Check this link to pre-order from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0714859036/wwwgastroanth-20

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