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Saturday, May 16, 2009


I was just looking for a recipe I can use the last half of strawberry jam we have. We made it ourselves last summer, and we want to finish it as we start to see new strawberries at our open market. This sounds easy and looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing. As we don't have the chance of tasting those at Big Sur Bakery, I should try yours. :)

Delicious bars! I like to go to Carmel for the week end as well. Such a quaint small town, and pretty romantic as well.

I love the depth brown butter adds and these bars sound incredible. I've been on a baking kick lately despite the frustrations of dealing with a less than trusty oven in an apartment. Fresh peach jam is an incredible thing, but your substitute sounds divine.

I know what you mean about it being a special experience crossing the bridge. I almost do not mind getting caught in traffic to enjoy the experience - almost!

Even without these incredible baked goods you've introduced us to, Big Sur is such an awesome experience. Thanks for a lovely sunny post to start the weekend!

It's been so long since I've been in San Francisco (25 years?) but I remember the weekend drives when my uncle would take me and my sisters to Carmel and other surrounding communities.

I'd love to try Big Sur Bakery's treats in person but I'll content myself with your recipe until then. And I can't wait to hear more about England Preserves!

zerrin - It is quite easy with a just a few ingredients and the brown butter smell that will fill your kitchen is divine.

elra - It is quite romantic there, my favorite time is in the early morning...walking along the beach with coffee and few others around.

OysterCulture - Getting stuck in traffic on the Golden Gate is the best. I love looking up through the sunroof and seeing those massive red bridge parts shooting up into the sky...when the cars are going fast you can't really enjoy it!

Tangled Noodle - I know Oyster's been prodding you to get out to San Fran. You are so overdue for a trip west!

These look delicious. I'm going to have to try these very soon!

MMMMM...Adrienne! These little treats look excellent!! Yum Yum Yum!
Thank you for that lovely information! It is noted down!

All I can say is - Yum! This is my kind of sweet. I can't wait to learn more about the jam.

These bars look really really delicious! Do you think they'll also be good with cherry jam? (that's my most favorite one!)

5 Star Foodie - Yes, I think these would be great with cherry jam. I love cherry jam...I may have to make another batch now!

That photo of the Golden Gate Bridge is stunning and I can understand why you would want to one day move back.

These Brown Butter Bars look wonderful and the recipe is so interesting. They look chewy and flavorful. I would personally lean towards Ruby's Redcurrant+Rhubarb+Vanilla. Yum!

Dear lord, but that sounds amazing! My favorite dessert (non-chocolate) is a Thing called Peach Kuchen at a little dive of a place in Charlotte, NC. I think you've just helped to unlock the secret. Theirs has a buttery shortbready crust, some sliced peaches and custard all baked together. Brown Butter Bars sounds like the ticket, though. Now I will print this off and Make Some as soon as I'm done giving birth to a wedding cake!

I'd love to go to San Francisco one day, it looks beautiful. The photo of the golden gate bring is fantastic - very dramatic!

I'm looking forward to the jam post...

Sadly, I've only been on that highway in the Los Angeles area. I'd love to drive on it farther north. These bars look incredible, and the jam must be delicious.

this looks fab! I wold love to try this with the black cherry jam I have! I've only been to SF once...my cousin's there right now...I should go visit her!

These bars looks so yummy! I've had the Big Sur bars too. Great recipe!

I like your point about knowing how you will go back to SF some day. Just reading your post makes me really miss it! But, I know I'm going back so I'm just making the most of my LA experience for the time being. What a beautiful city Carmel is too!

kabocha grows like weeds in your mom's garden? can I come live with her? lol!

How did we miss this one? This looks like the best thing ever. It's that darn brown butter!

I loved Carmel when I visited it about…jeez, has it really been 15 years ago? Big Sur was definitely the highlight. When I lived in the Marina neighborhood of SF, I used to do that crossing quite often – it was a short bike ride away. And it was always, always breathtaking. I never stopped at Big Sur Bakery, but it sure looks amazing. And the same goes for those brown butter bars. How can they not be awesome if they use the best jam ever? :)

Coming to this post way late (ironically because I was traveling in the States and letting my blog reading slide). I just had to say that, having been back in SF recently after a long absence, I can understand completely Nate's sentiments about that drive across the Golden Gate. It always took my breath away and it was no different this time around.

In a recent issue of American Vogue, Jeffery Steingarten did a neat piece on brown butter that you might be interested in

Oyster - Thanks for the tip...I've been trying to find it online but Vogue keeps directing me to the UK site and to no avail.
I often go to the bookstore and flip through the super marked up American mags so I'll look for Vogue next time. =)

I've bought the Big Sur bakery cookbook because of you and all the lovely recipes and posts that i read over here. I've never been to San Francisco but I have noticed that the GGB makes quite an impression on people. As for the jam, I had already seen this jam but had not had the opportunity to purchase it. i'll make sure that next time I come across it i'll get a pot.

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