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Wednesday, May 05, 2010


I've been hearing such good things about this book! And, that does look like a very posh spud salad. Wish I could get quail eggs here!

I have heard so much about the restaurant and book from food blogger friends on twitter. I dying to get my hands on this book. Checking out their restaurant in London is one of my goals when I'm in London in June.

Sounds like a wonderful book, and of course your photo sold me on the book - that salad looks divine! I'm like you, not a vegetarian, but I've gotten over my midwestern compulsion to have meat with every meal. A good salad makes sure you're not missing a thing. I'd love to be on the cutting edge of the salad scene and have a book before it becomes wildly popular here.

I've actually heard about this book. I'm not a vegetarian as I do eat fish and chicken once in awhile, however, I hardly ever cook meat at home anymore.
I would love to get a copy of this. I would love to check out their restaurant! That potato salad looks insanely good. Great shot, pretty light.

Hi! I am a friends with Lena and she recently showed me your blog. I instantly fell in love: the photos, the writing, the diverse recipes! It is all wonderful. I have a food blog as well (http://ahappytaste.blogspot.com ) where I am attempting to cook all of the recipes in Mollie Katzen's New Moosewood Cookbook. It's a vegetarian cookbook with lots of goodness. I'd love to get my hands on Plenty!! XOXO

I've seen dishes from this cookbook all around the blogosphere, sounds excellent! That salad sure looks amazing!

This dish looks so tasty & so falvourfull too!

It screams: EAT ME!!!

We are starting our first CSA this year and I am very excited to have such a bounty of veggies in the house, but a little scared of the amount of kale we will have! At least I know the tomatoes will be taken care of - a little salt and that's all I need!

I've heard great things about the cookbook. Even the name rolls delightfully of the tongue, doesn't it? Love that first pic. Looks scrumptious.

Since my CSA share starts next week, I need this book! The salad looks lovely and simple and beautiful.

I've heard about this book. What a great giveaway. Your dish looks really appetizing! I really enjoy warm potato salads and that quail's egg gives it an extra oomph.
Thanks for stopping by my blog giving me the chance to discover yours also.

Wow, what a fancy version of potato salad!

I haven't heard of that book before, but I'm with you about cutting back on the meat!

Hope all is going well with you!

I'm intrigued by your cookbook, but even more by the potato salad! Looks so fancy!

Your photos are lovely and evocative. I have heard many wonderful things about this book and would love to stop by the restaurant when I am over there this summer... I would love the book to inspire me and get a jump start on ENglish flavors!

Super new and interesting salad recipe..

Tasty looking salad!

This salad looks beautiful! Thank you for sharing :)

wow i read about 3 other blogs that are talking about that book. it sounds fabulous.

The book and the salad both sound great! Lovely photos. :)

I've never thought of making a potato salad with a pesto base. That sounds great!

Do I really need to say that I would love this cookbook? Ha! Creative ways to use beautiful, delicious real foods? Count me in. I want to get my hands on it!

Your potato salad puts mine to shame! I'm definitely adding egg to mine next time.

That quail egg is cooked to perfection! I am suffering such Gastroanthropological envy - first, your amazing meal at THE restaurant, Noma and now, making dishes from what seems to be the Holy Grail of cookbooks (tales have been heard, but the precious item itself remains elusive). Well, I'll keep my fingers crossed that I'll be lucky . . . ! 8-D

We have just recently made the leap from no red meat to vegetarian. This book sounds like just what I need. Fingers crossed!

Your post and David L's post on that new cookbook really make me crave the book and all of its creations!

I LOVE the Ottolenghi cookbooks. Highly aesthetically pleasing. But in addition to that, I am a big believer of eggs in potato salad - I use them (chicken eggs though) in my own version. I like the sound of the pesto and mint, and new potatoes (esp British ones) are always appetizing to me - I will keep this in the mental books to try out!

Would love to win Plenty! Tried one of his recipes last night and it was delicious!

Would love to win Plenty as am vegetarian and this salad looks delicious.

I'm cooking dinner for friends this week, and the menu is almost entirely veggie - without even trying. Needless to say, Ottolenghi recipes feature quite heavily. I'd love to have a copy of Plenty to refer to, though, rather than endless pages torn from the weekend magazines!

omg i know Plenty would bring me plenty of good food! I'd really love to win this book!

YUM Plenty's recipes look very healthy yet delicious!

This is a fantastic looking recipe. I love Ottolenghi! Count me in for the giveaway daaaaaahling!
*kisses* HH

How is it I nearly missed this posh potato salad, not to mention the chance to get my hands on a copy of Plenty, about which I've been hearing, well, plenty!

my israel friend introduced me to the first book about 2 years ago. i bought the book and love it but i did give it as a gift later to someone who is a chef and the best thing she had said the next day was "that is an incredible book" and since then she has been inspired to cook for the restaurant where she works. i am so looking forward to this new book and i will tell her about this vegetarian book since she is a vegetarian.

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