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Sunday, November 08, 2009


I hope your produce didn't include that lovely buff Orpington ... although they're a utility breed, they're too good to eat ;)


well anyone who doesnt like chicken pot pie just isnt human - there I said it!

Oh that meal just looks so tempting and good for you - a great way to combine those sometimes awkward sized portions you get from the CSA. I have to confess that this was one of my favorite dishes in college at the dorm. I love CPP, and hopefully I've gotten a bit more discerning over the years.

I love all the flavors you added to the slaw. I just pomegranates 10 for a $1 - could not believe it - wish I had a camera with me. I have a lovely cabbage that would be perfect for this slaw. Thanks for the inspiration.

What a delicious fall meal! The chicken pot pie looks so comforting and I love the combination of beets & cabbage in the winter slaw!

Delicious. Of course, I love the chicken pot pie- it's definitely the best way to use up leftovers. I love the flavors in your winter slaw. What a great idea to incorporate pomegranate seed, sounds like a nice crisp addition to the pie.

Love chicken in any form...this looks very comforting to me...makes me hungry.

Looks great! So warm and comforting.

The chicken pot pie looks great & so tasty!!!

I love those purple carrots!! Their taste is yummie yum too,...

Those carrots are beautiful. Yep, the UK has 'heaps' of great root vegetables. (in NZ they love that word!)
Chicken pot pie sounds fabulous, especially sitting by a nice warm, glowing fire.


Love your use of all things local, including the language! I did laugh at your slippage into English phraseology - "loads" & "whatever you fancy" sound perfectly normal & everyday to me :D

Yes, it gets dark at 4pm.. how depressing!! :( I love the purple colour carrots, where did you see those? I would like to get them and try..
Chicken pot pie.. it something great to eat during this time the year! Such a comfort food!

What a handsome rooster! Chicken pot pie sounds so good right now - we've had a bit of a warm spell but now, chilly weather is barging in. I love that your recipe lets us decide what we want or have to use! And the winter slaw is such a bright punch of color and flavor.

With such gorgeous vegetables, I can see why Fall is the perfect culinary season!

Very comforting dish for one those cold night.

mycookinghut - I took the picture of the carrots at Borough Market... but, I've seen them elsewhere - Whole Foods and Marylebone Sunday Farmers Market.

oh what a lovely pie, i say loads !!

That is the loveliest chicken!

Just seeing this recipe and photos makes me feel comforted, warm and cozy. This is my favorite time of year. Getting back to KY in the brisk cool air makes me so happy, I love it!

We feel very much like we are starting from scratch now that we are back in the States. Humanely and naturally grown meats are a priority and I'm currently seeking out a farm in the area where we can purchase our meats and dairy on a regular basis.

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