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Thursday, June 04, 2009


These look AMAZING! I love whoopie pies and have to agree that the center filling is just way to sweet and hard to stomach. Love your version!

I too prefer cakes without frosting :) I love your pie recipe looks totally pleasing.

I'm with you regarding Twinkies and Ding Dongs, etc. I never liked that packaged stuff! Your whoopie pies look delicious and must have been great with strawberries.

Those look just scrumptious! I love the espresso here and so perfect with strawberries!

Those strawberries are to die for. They're huge and bright red. Great pair with chocolate and whipped cream.

I can't think of a better combo than chocolate, whipped cream, and strawberries. And NONE of these things will pickle your insides! Double Yum!

That sounds delicious, I never had this Pie before.

I hear you about the cakes, the frosting is way to much, and I usually end up with that part shoved to the side. Its kind of a family thing, my Mom makes frosting by beating cream, adding a bit of sugar and any flavoring that compliments the cake, and I think that is my preferred way. I'm not much of a cake maker, so when I make cakes, that's pretty much my approach as well.

Driving down 101 yesterday, I saw the Its-It factory and your picture reminded me of them. Your post and your updated version of the Whoopie Pies seem to me like we've come full circle - now the unhealthy has become a whole heck of a lot more palatable. What we might have kind of sort of liked before because it touched our taste buds in a certain way, we now, without reservation, can indulge in because its nothing but good ingredients (albeit in moderation) except for those yummy looking strawberries. Are you going to tackle Twinkies and to me, the ominous Sno Balls next? =)


I LOVE your version of the whoopie pie with fresh whipped cream. Sooo much better than the original pies. Perfect with the strawberries too.

As a kid I never ate the frosting on birthday cakes either. One of my past jobs was decorating crazy cakes with buttercreams, fondant etc. Those cakes are beautiful but just don't tempt me in that way.

But your whoopie pies, I want to bite into one as I write this! The strawberries are indeed gorgeous. Great pics.

Oyster - Oh, I must admit I did eat my fair share of It's-Its. They had them at our school cafeteria in high school and I always had just enough change for the mint chocolate chip. That's a very SF treat!

Twinkies...up for recreating that, but Sno Balls...I'm really scared of those!

I'm quite the opposite - I'm all about the birthday cake, especially the frosting. I'm that person who likes the corner piece for maximum icing consumption! 8-D

But I have scaled back quite a bit; although I still consider myself a sweet tooth, I now find a lot of my old favorites are really cloying. And I totally draw the line at Twinkies et al.

I can't say I've ever had a Whoopie Pie before - Marshmallow Fluff was never appealing. But if I'd come across your version, I wouldn't hesitate!

Please accept the Award, that I love to Pass it to you!

These look so delicious! I love whoopie pies, but have never made them at home before. I must try soon.

These look great! I'm going to try them with ice cream. I've been craving ice cream sandwiches lately.

I've never tried whoopie pie before but they look delicious!

I've never, that I can think of, had a whoopie pie or any of the other US treats you mention. In fact, I had to look up sno balls on wikipedia and, having seen them, I'm pretty sure I would be steering clear!

Having said that, we have equivalents here and I still occasionally indulge in some super-sweet artificial mallow and chocolate type treat, but it's rare enough. Fresh cream, homemade chocolate biscuits and strawberries are definitely more my speed these days!

Wow and wow! When I was in NY in March I stole my brother's New York Times cooking section with the recipe for homemade Whoopie pies. I haven't made them yet, but every now and then I pull out the paper and stare longingly at the picture. Your whoopie pies are gorgeous and now I really really want some!

My brother ate marshmallow fluff and it grossed me out (as I would've said back then). Store bought cake and chemical frosting was yucky, but then again, I ate almost anything, Ding Dongs included (though NOT Twinkies!). Thanks for this recipe!

i am with you on marshmallow fluff-disgusting invention, right alongside velveeta 'cheese'. found your blog via a readers' comment on coco&me.

I love whoopie pies! I only ventured to make them once, but they were so good. I'm with you on most birthday cakes ... especially those of the past.

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