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Saturday, October 11, 2008


This is a superb post with supurb photos. I wondered about Ramsey, and it seems like he was a good sport about the competition. I hold you in high jealousy that you would have seen him, and a supurb market as well.
A great post, and I will be tracking you. ;)

Chef(?) Gordon Ramsay . . . YAWN-zzzzz.

Your BLOG . . . Priceless!

Keep up the good work.

DocChuck and wife, Doctor E.

Jason: Thanks! I appreciate it very much.

DocChuck: I know. I know. I hate to admit - When I saw him I was a bit starstruck!

Thanks for the great post! I do love Chef Ramsay!

My husband doesn't think much of Gordon Ramsay, that's for sure. He forbids us from eatin gin restaurants, so just about any restaurant chef is in the crosshairs for his degradation.

What fun! I wondered if you were going to let us know that Gordon Ramsay was just a big softie & didn't swear! ha!
Those market shots are fab! It all looks so fresh.

hi great blog. i was at this too and wondered when it's being aired? does anyone know?

Liz: Thanks! I was told at the event by the son of H. Forman & Son, who provided all the salmon, that it would be in November on BBC (may have already aired), but I've sent an email to them and will let you know if I get a response.

I love this post. One of my favorite things to do is go to markets like this. I haven't been to many but, I have been to La Boqueria in Barcelona, Chelsea Market in NYC, and Reading Terminal Market and the Italian Market in Philadelphia, so much fun and so educational!

Liz: Never heard from H.Forman - sorry!
Shayne: Markets are my favorite too! Maybe wait till 2012 for Borough - construction has already started (a railway is going above portions of the market!) - but the market is also getting a face-lift in the process so should be bigger and better in a few years. (It will be open throughout the construction though some vendors will be moved about.)

You have wrote a nice article, I like it. Maybe because I have seen this episode twice (Gordon Ramsay Cookalong live - 106). Downloadable at http://www.mininova.org/tor/2076710

Can you inform me if make another article Gordon?


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